Under the sea ocean illustrations

A few commissioned ocean illustrations from the past year.

under the sea drawing - studio tuesday

Above, An 8x10 watercolor and ink illustration, commissioned for the holidays. This one features a sea turtle and octopuses, fish, seaweed, and fan coral. I had fun adding little details in like a crab, jellyfish, a seahorse, and a little hermit crab.

whale drawing - studio tuesday

A humpback whale and sea turtle, with other sea life in a rolling ocean

sailboat sea creatures drawing

An above / below ocean illustration, this one with a sailboat. The sea turtle makes another appearance, as does a whale in the distance. Limited this palette to blues, greens and yellows.

Killer Whales Watercolor Painting

"Spyhoppers" - Watercolor and ink drawing, 2015

"Spyhoppers" - Watercolor and ink drawing, 2015

My newest illustration. A 16x120" painting of three Killer Whales surfacing. The title refers to spyhopping, a behavior used by whales to see something above the surface of the water.
I haven't done a lot of artwork this large recently, so it was a fun change to work at this size. Below is a shot of the original for scale.

killer whales illustration

Prints are in the shop, available in a few different sizes
8x10 Print
11x14 or 13x19 Print

Whale Shark Underwater Illustration

My newest illustration. A whale shark, which I've had in the back of my mind for a while now. In Madagascar Whale Sharks are known as Marokintana, which translates to "many stars". This name was the inspiration for this illustration. A star covered ocean giant, swimming under a star filled sky.
I did a little experimenting painting a bit of the Milky Way, which will show up in another illustration I have planned.

13x19 Whale Shark Print

13x19 Whale Shark Print

I have prints in 3 sizes available in my Etsy Shop.
8x10 Prints available here
11x14 and 13x19 Prints available here

Owl drawings - whimsical species chart


I always have a lot of fun translating different animals into this simplified style. This was an interesting challenge, finding a way to portray these different owl species. I ended up putting more detail into these than i typically do. I'm happy with the result and I think each one ended up unique from the others. This illustration features a variety of North American owl species, each labeled in handwritten text.

Prints are in my 100 Owls shop: 13x19 Owl Chart

Duck Nursery Art Prints

I just added my little series of ducks drawings to the website, six illustrations for now. Below is my favorite from the series, an American Wigeon.

American Wigeon - 5x5" ink and watercolor illustration

American Wigeon - 5x5" ink and watercolor illustration

5x5" Duck Prints available in my Etsy Shop! Mix and match from the six illustrations and create your own set. Printed on a nice heavyweight etching art paper. I think it would make a cute little series for a nursery!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Hooded Merganser, Buffledhead, American Wigeon, Ring-necked Duck, Mallard, Canvasback.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Hooded Merganser, Buffledhead, American Wigeon, Ring-necked Duck, Mallard, Canvasback.

Maine trips

Happy New Year! Today I'm sitting inside, enjoying the snow, and thinking about past and future Maine trips. Here are a few photos from trips of the last couple years. rockland breakwater lighthouse This was taken on the Rockland - Vinalhaven Ferry. In the distance, Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse.

puffins matinicus rock From my trip out to Matinicus Rock, one of the seabird and puffin nesting islands. puffins maine Puffins on Matinicus Rock

arctic tern nesting An Arctic Tern and chick on Matinicus Rock. They are quite bold and nest right among the paths. owls head lighthouse Another shot from the Rockland Ferry. This is Owl's Head Lighthouse, viewed from Rockland Harbor.

Also check out my new mapped Pinterest board that I've been experimenting with. Midcoast Maine in photos and art: http://www.pinterest.com/studiotuesday/midcoast-maine-in-photos-art/

Illustrated Christmas Cards

penguins illustration It's become a bit of a tradition and a lot of fun to draw new Holiday cards every year. This year's includes penguins, belugas, and a weasel, along with new owls for my 100owls shop. Also exciting is this year I have enough designs to create fun mixed sets of all the card illustrations I've done. Check out all the different ones here in the card section!

weasel card

owl winter card

The owls have been fun too. I have two new cards designs for this year and did a bit of scrambling to finish up 12 new illustrations for the much requested 2014 Owl Calendar. Here is the card section of the 100owls shop.

2014 owl calendar

owl and farmhouse art

Black cat watercolor painting

A new commissioned watercolor portrait of a black cat. This was a fun composition to paint. Happy with how the paw came out, and the eyes. The eyes are always my favorite part to paint in pet portraits. It was also a fun one because it looks like my own cat, Tintin.

black cat watercolor painting
black cat watercolor painting

Here is a photo of the cat. She was a stray that, according to the owner, showed up and made herself at home. It looks like she found a pretty good one.


And here is Tintin. In his new favorite bed, a tomato box.

Blue Crab

blue crab beach We found this blue crab on a walk one morning, beached when the tide went out. It was pretty windy and he was getting covered by sand. He didn't look too lively, but when I picked him up he was still pretty feisty and waved his claws around. I put him back in the ocean and he swam off.