Snowy Owl Enamel Pins

Excited to show you all these new enamel pins I had made. This is my first pin design and I'm quite happy with how they turned out. Its a snowy owl, made from my original drawing. They are now available in the shop here on my website: Snowy Owl Enamel Pin

A simple, fun design, hard enamel with black nickel plating. You can see in the above photo it has a beautiful polished, shiny texture. Roughly 1 inch (24 mm) tall.

snowy owl lapel pins

Comes pinned to these little backing cards I designed.

Snowy Owl pin, in my hand for scale.

Snowy Owl pin, in my hand for scale.

small owl pin

Above, one of the pins on my canvas bag. Hope to make a few more pins in the future. Maybe an otter next?

Snowy Owl Pins available to buy here:


Stegosaurus Art Print, cute dinosaur series

I finished up another 8x10" illustration for my dinosaur series. This one is a colorful Stegosaurus in a Jurassic landscape. I enjoyed planning out and drawing this landscape, which includes an orange sun, a fallen log at the water's edge, conifers, and two more Stegosauruses in the distance.

Cute stegosaurus dinosaur art print

8x10" Stegosaurus illustration
Watercolor and India Ink
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Cute stegosaurus drawing

Dinosaur Art Print Series: Diplodocus (Sauropod)

The first illustration in my dinosaur series is finished. A Diplodocus, a Sauropod from the Jurassic period, surrounded by pines and conifers. I'm pushing my use of color a bit in this series and I'm liking the mix of greens with the soft dusky purple sky in this piece - a color combination I haven't used often.

Diplodocus Sauropod, Cute Dinosaur Art

Although these illustrations are simple and stylized, I do a fair amount of research beforehand so I don't end up with something generic. I'm doing my best to draw the dinosaurs in poses and postures that are correct according to modern science, which I've learned is constantly being debated. For example, the height that Sauropods held their necks and heads or how the Stegosaurus held it's tail (which I'm drawing next).

The habitats and settings play a big part in my illustrations, and this series is no different, so I'm doing a bit of reading on the plant life back then as well. Of course, imagination is important too because I'm aiming to create something unique and with my own spin.

Diplodocus "Brontosaurus" Dinosaur Art

Prints are now up in the shop! You can find them here:
8x10 Diplodocus Print

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Dinosaur illustrations, sauropod doodle

I have some fun new pieces currently in the works! A series of dinosaurs. I'm starting with three illustrations that should be finished up in the next week or so. Included is a Sauropod (a Diplodocus specifically) based on this little doodle in my sketchbook.

Sauropod dinosaur doodle

This project has been on my list for quite a while now. I drew this little Plesiosaur below a few years ago and have been planning to do a dinosaur illustration series since then. Also, currently making me laugh, my Spelling Check doesn't like Plesiosaur and wants to change it to Applesauce.

Plesiosaur cute dinosaur art

5x7" Plesiosaur illustration
ink and watercolor
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Art Prints for an Arctic Nursery

Several months ago Melissa from the Fawn Over Baby blog wrote about her baby boy's new Alaskan inspired nursery. Take a look! It's quite a handsome little room and I'm flattered to have a piece of artwork included. I created a custom vertical version of my Arctic alphabet print for her. Below are a few pictures of the nursery and the framed print.

Arctic alphabet print. Photo by Fawn Over Baby

Arctic alphabet print. Photo by Fawn Over Baby

Photo by Fawn Over Baby

Photo by Fawn Over Baby

Alaskan nursery. Photo by Fawn Over Baby

Alaskan nursery. Photo by Fawn Over Baby

Here is the standard horizontal version. It features 26 little Arctic / Alaska themed illustrations for each letter of the alphabet (mostly animals!).

Illustrated Arctic Alphabet Print

You can find 11x14" and 13x19" prints in my shop here: Illustrated Arctic Alphabet Print

I'm building up a pretty good collection of Arctic animal illustrations as well. Orcas, narwhals, polar bears, foxes, weasels and more! I love drawing snow and ice so it's one of my favorite habitats to illustrate. Check them all out here: Arctic Animal Prints

Arctic animal art prints

Otter Art, new illustration and some favorites

New Otter Art Print

River otter nursery art print

My newest illustration is of a swimming River Otter, an animal I especially love. The Weasel family, which includes otters, have been a favorite of mine since learning about them in elementary school.
This was made from a doodle i drew last October. The illustration features a Otter floating in a river and includes an underwater dimension, a stone lined river bank, icicles, and falling snow.
Sometimes these drawings seem to take a lot of work, studying the animals and figuring out how to convey them in simple lines and shapes. Sometimes it takes multiple sketches, altering and redoing drawings (this Pine Marten comes to mind) and sometimes, like this otter, they come together easily in one quick go.

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Favorite Otter Art

While I'm on the subject I thought I'd talk about some of the otter art I enjoy. Below are a few of my favorites. Included are different otter species, and a range of styles from different artists.


Charley Harper's "Otterly Delicious" features a sea otter painted in his distinctive geometric, graphic style. The otter is floating on it's back, an arm wrapped around a piece of kelp, and chewing on a sand dollar. On it's belly are some other favorite sea otter foods: an orange star fish and sea urchin. This piece is pretty typical of his work, which illustrated wild animals and their behavior, often in interesting and/or humorous ways.
Like many others, I'm quite fond of the unique way he simplified animals and the natural world, especially the sea urchin in this piece. I think this is such a clever way of depicting a difficult subject. The pattern is interesting, fun, and immediately recognizable.

Above, Tom Frost's otter stamp screen print. Part of his series of birds and animals of the British Isles, in stamp form! A fun use of geometric pattern and shapes. This is the Eurasian otter, Lutra lutra, which swims in both fresh and salt water and is found throughout Europe and Asia. The otter mug, shown on the right, is available here.


"Along the Water's Edge" by Rebecca Green   Gouache and Colored Pencil

Rebecca Green's whimsical narrative paintings often feature animals and interesting girl characters. Along the Water's Edge is an imaginative scene that features one such character, along with swimming river otters, and an egret. I love the soft muted colors in her work. I'm also a sucker for interesting texture and keep coming back to stare at the rich layers, marks, and brushstrokes in her paintings. You can find more of her art here:


The gestural ink drawing of the otter above is by Sophie Neville. This and her other sketches are drawn from observation of otters she and her family raises. Her drawings capture the otters in their distinctive poses and movements. Its fairly evident from these drawings she's spent a good deal of time observing them and learning about their anatomy. She has some interesting notes on drawing such a tricky subject on her blog, and I would recommend checking it out. You can find the article here.


"Drawing otters is tricky, firstly because they don't stay still for a moment and secondly because our tame otters are so affectionate and inquisitive that they continually want to see what you are doing. The paw prints on the sketch above are not made with paint but with mud from a wet creature who would have made the paper all soggy, given half a chance"

Above, a little excerpt from Sophie's impressions of drawing otters and the muddy sketch she refers to. You can read more about the otters she raises here (one of her otters painted and had an exhibition!).

Do you have any otter favorites? Leave a comment so I can check them out!

Mink Christmas Card Animal Illustration

My first new illustration for holiday cards this year is a mink in falling snow. I've drawn him near water with little cottages. I've liked weasels and their kin since I was a little kid and always have fun drawing them! Last year I drew a Pine Marten, and the year before a white Weasel so I'm building up a little collection of mustelid (weasel family) drawings.

mink - studio tuesday

Christmas cards of this one are now up in the shop. Available as a single card or a box of 10 cards.

Prints can be found here.

mink christmas card - studio tuesday

Salamander Art Prints

Here's a little post on salamanders. Just because i love them, love finding them out in nature, and love drawing them. Below, a little watercolor of a Northern Red Salamander. Painted life-size.

salamander watercolor

Northern Red Salamander Watercolor Print
A fun little print, 3x4.5" in a 5x7" mat

Northern Two-Lined Salamander

Above, salamander hunting. I found this one in a creek nearby my house. I believe it's a Northern Two-Lined Salamander.

Below, a fun little chart I drew of some different North American salamanders. This one measures 8x10".

cute salamander art print
Salamander art print

You can find prints of it in my shop here: Salamander Illustration Chart

Colorful toucan painting and prints

My newest animal illustration, a Keel-billed Toucan. This guy's been in the back of my mind for a year or so and I was finally in the mood to paint something different and colorful.

toucan illustration - studio tuesday

I drew this Toucan up in the tree canopy of a rainforest, where they spend most of their time. Not especially good flyers, they prefer to hop along branches - and will follow each other in a line from tree to tree. They are quite animated birds that spend their time in groups, sparring with their bills and tossing fruit to themselves and each other!

Above are shots of the 11x14 print (left) and the matted 8x10 print (right) now available in my Etsy shop.

Whales illustration chart

Here's my newest illustration. My take on the classic whale poster, in my simplified illustration style. A selection of different whales and a few small cetaceans thrown in for fun, labeled with handwritten common names.

11 x 14" Watercolor and ink drawing

Below is a shot of the 11x14" print now up in my Etsy shop.

Pictured are the fin whale, narwhal, killer whale, humpback whale, bottlenose dolphin, bowhead whale, beluga whale, minke whale, blue whale, gray whale, and right whale. I think it would be a fun addition to a whale or ocean nursery or a whimsical print for the little animal lover's room!

11x14" Whale Chart Illustration

Under the sea ocean illustrations

A few commissioned ocean illustrations from the past year.

under the sea drawing - studio tuesday

Above, An 8x10 watercolor and ink illustration, commissioned for the holidays. This one features a sea turtle and octopuses, fish, seaweed, and fan coral. I had fun adding little details in like a crab, jellyfish, a seahorse, and a little hermit crab.

whale drawing - studio tuesday

A humpback whale and sea turtle, with other sea life in a rolling ocean

sailboat sea creatures drawing

An above / below ocean illustration, this one with a sailboat. The sea turtle makes another appearance, as does a whale in the distance. Limited this palette to blues, greens and yellows.

Killer Whales Watercolor Painting

"Spyhoppers" - Watercolor and ink drawing, 2015

"Spyhoppers" - Watercolor and ink drawing, 2015

My newest illustration. A 16x120" painting of three Killer Whales surfacing. The title refers to spyhopping, a behavior used by whales to see something above the surface of the water.
I haven't done a lot of artwork this large recently, so it was a fun change to work at this size. Below is a shot of the original for scale.

killer whales illustration

Prints are in the shop, available in a few different sizes
8x10 Print
11x14 or 13x19 Print