New Hawaiian Ocean Nursery Art Prints

April 29, 2017

New Hawaiian Ocean Nursery Art Prints

This is a new series of watercolor ocean illustrations I created for a nursery in Hawaii. The client wanted me to incorporate tropical and Hawaiian scenery into the illustrations, without being overt or touristy. These were a lot of fun and I drew a lot of sea creatures into these, with simple green islands that hint at lush tropical land in the distance.

whale ocean nursery art

This is the first illustration I completed in the series of 3. It depicts the open ocean, a large humpback whale takes up most of the composition. Also included are a shark and pilot fish, manta rays, spotted eagle rays, and dolphinfish (Mahi Mahi). A variety of little fish add some additional subtle color throughout.

tropical ocean nursery illustration
I knew from the beginning that I wanted some nice variation in the color of the water throughout this series. While the first illustration was mostly soft blues, I painted this second one with more of a teal color. This is a shallower ocean with some coral reef. Lots of fish (jacks, butterflyfish, tangs) add bright pops of color of yellow, green, and blue. A hammerhead shark and pilot fish are the focal point. I snuck in another spotted eagle ray and a tiny clownfish.

sea turtle childrens illustration
The third illustration is another underwater reef scene. This one with a large sea turtle and a lot of orange fish. Some fun details in this one include a spiny puffer fish (uninflated) and a trumpetfish.

I have this series available as limited edition prints. They measure 11x14 inches and are in a limited run of 200 prints each.

Humpback Whale Print
Hammerhead Sharks Print
Sea Turtle Reef Print

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