giant anteater doodle

Hello! I am david scheirer, the artist behind Studio Tuesday. This website features my illustration work, which I create with ink and watercolors. I draw in a graphic, whimsical, simplified style. I try to find a balance between simplicity and reality in these drawings and enjoy finding ways to capture the essence of an animal with a few simple lines. I also paint in a realistic style and these illustrations offer a fun and different challenge. I especially enjoy drawing animals and the habitats they live in. Some favorites include oceans, coasts, whales, puffins, owls, and weasels.

I create art in my home studio which is on a small farm in Maryland. I also print and package all orders from my studio. In my free time enjoy hiking, bird watching, fossil collecting, and beach combing.

studio tuesday puffins

My other artwork consists of detailed and realistic watercolor paintings. That work can be found here: dswatercolors.com