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Animal Magnet Sets in the Shop

September 20, 2016

Animal Magnet Sets in the Shop

Just restocked the shop with some fun magnet sets! I have a few different sets that include birds, whales, arctic animals, owls, and puffins! Top image is my coastal birds set (terns, sandpipers, pelicans, and puffins).

arctic animal magnets - studio tuesday illustration
A set of arctic animals - polar bear, arctic fox, snowy owl, and weasel.

I collaborate with iPop to make these magnets featuring my illustrations. We select artwork for various themes - each set contains 4 little round magnets (1 inch) and comes in a handsome clear case. 

whale art magnets - studio tuesday illustration
Arctic whales magnet set, which include belugas, narwhals, an orca, and a whale tail.

The magnets are super strong and great for hanging things on the fridge! They make a satisfying loud click as they snap to surfaces - hence the name magnet clicks!

owl magnets - studio tuesday illustration
A cute Owls Magnet Set featuring illustrations from my 100 owls project. The magnets are topped with a glass dome, which you can see a bit better in this shot.

ocean animal magnet set  - studio tuesday illustration
A colorful Ocean Animals Magnet Set - shark and pilot fish, anemones, sea turtle, and leafy sea dragon.

puffin magnets - studio tuesday illustration
And finally a Puffin Magnet Set

You can view and buy the sets from the Magnet section of my shop. Stay tuned for more!