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Art Prints for an Arctic Nursery

September 10, 2016

Art Prints for an Arctic Nursery

Several months ago Melissa from the Fawn Over Baby blog wrote about her baby boy's new Alaskan inspired nursery. Take a look! It's quite a handsome little room and I'm flattered to have a piece of artwork included. I created a custom vertical version of my Arctic alphabet print for her (now available as a print option in my shop). Below are a couple pictures of the nursery and framed print.

Arctic nursery alphabet print
My Arctic alphabet print, in the vertical format, 11x14". Photo by Fawn Over Baby

arctic nursery room
Another photo of her Alaskan nursery. Photo by Fawn Over Baby

Alaska Nursery Alphabet Print
You can find 11x14" and 13x19" prints of my Arctic alphabet in my shop here: Illustrated Arctic Alphabet Print

Arctic animal prints

I'm building up a pretty good collection of Arctic animal illustrations as well. Orcas, narwhals, polar bears, foxes, snowy owls, weasels and more! I love drawing snow and ice so it's one of my favorite habitats to illustrate. Check them all out in my Arctic collection.