Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse Art

September 25, 2016

Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse Art

This is an illustration i drew in 2012 of the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay. This is one of my personal favorites. Probably because I have a soft spot for the Bay from growing up and living in Maryland. But I also had a lot of fun drawing the angles and odd architecture. This is a screwpile lighthouse and is one of several that were built in the Chesapeake.
The scene also includes a low summer sun, sailboats in the distant water, and just a few of the animals found in the bay - gulls, jellyfish and of course a blue crab. Soft teal and purplish hues contrast with the scarlet roof of the lighthouse.

Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse Art Print

Above, an 11x14" framed print. I had this one hanging in my boy's nursery for a while. I like a thin black frame for this one because it complements the black inked lines. White frames always look good as well for a bright, clean look.

Prints in various sizes are available in the shop here:
Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse Print

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