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Dinosaur illustration series: Diplodocus Sauropod Art Print

March 03, 2016

Dinosaur illustration series: Diplodocus Sauropod Art Print

A new illustration in my dinosaur series is finished! A Diplodocus, a Sauropod from the Jurassic period, surrounded by pines and conifers. I'm pushing my use of color a bit in this series and I'm liking the mix of greens with the soft dusky purple sky in this piece - a color combination I haven't used often.

Cute sauropods drawing

Although these illustrations are very stylized and simple, I am doing a bit of research beforehand on their anatomy and behavior. I think this helps with drawing something that isn't generic.
I'm also having fun imagining and drawing the Prehistoric landscapes for these dinosaurs to live in. Lots of ferns and conifers!

Sauropods dinosaur nursery illustration print

Above, an example of a framed 8x10" print, available in other sizes as well!
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Cute Sauropods Art Print