Dinosaur Illustration Series: Triceratops Drawing

September 13, 2016

Dinosaur Illustration Series: Triceratops Drawing

Another illustration for my dinosaur series. This one is a Triceratops in a rocky landscape scene with a red sun, sparse conifers and a couple flying Pterosaurs in the distant sky. A cute print for a little kid's room, with a mix of soft colors and whimsical black lines drawn in India ink.
I agonized a bit over the color of this guy and finally settled on a muted greenish-blue with blue stripes - but happy in the end! This whole illustration was a careful balance of color. Getting the right amount of purple shadow in the rocks. Making sure the triceratops stood out from the landscape, yet didn't clash. And livening it all up with brighter pops of colors in the setting sun and green vegetation.

Cute Triceratops Art for Kids

11x14" print pictured above. I have prints available from 5x7" up to 13x19", and can do larger ones on request.

You can find them in the studio tuesday shop here: https://www.studiotuesday.com/products/triceratops-art-print-cute-dinosaur-kids-room-decor


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