Eastern Egg Rock and Hog Island, Maine

May 30, 2013

Eastern Egg Rock and Hog Island, Maine

Just back from a trip to Maine, where we stayed on Hog Island and helped get the Audubon Camp ready for summer. It was a fun week, filled with lots of rain and fog.
We made one boat trip out to Eastern Egg Rock to see the puffins and drop off supplies and such for the research interns. It was a pretty cold and rainy boat trip, but very beautiful driving past the foggy islands and coast. Above, on the way out to Eastern Egg Rock we passed this lobster boat fishing on the bay. 

Swimming Puffin Eastern Egg Rock

Arriving at Eastern Egg Rock, a puffin in the water. Happy I got to see puffins in the wild again. They are much cuter in person and I'm continually surprised how small they are.

Eastern Egg Rock, Maine

Idling on the boat while others row supplies and research interns over to the island in choppy water and rain. A puffin on the rocks and two guillemots over to the right. Eastern Egg Rock is a small island and this is pretty much all there is to it. Rocks and grass and nesting seabirds.

Below a few snaps from around Hog Island.

Hog Island Maine Fog

Seaweed and Periwinkles

Maine Coast Fog

Hermit Crab
On a hike around the island, we found these little hermit crabs in periwinkle shells.

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