Pine Marten Holiday Animal Card

November 11, 2014

Pine Marten Holiday Animal Card

This is the third animal illustration I did for the upcoming holiday season this year. A Pine Marten in a snowy evergreen forest.
Sometimes illustrations come together easily and seem to look great without a lot of effort. This was not one of those. It was a tough one to get right, with lots of sketching, revisions, color testing, and three attempts at the illustration. But... I'm finally happy with this end result of one of my favorite animals.

Pine Marten Cute Animal Christmas Card
I've had a soft spot for weasels and their kin, since writing a report on them in second grade (Pine Martens are a member of this family). Eventually I will probably end up illustrating all of them. So far I also have a Sea Otter, and a White Weasel.
2016 UPDATE: Now have a Mink and a River Otter as well.

Cards are now available - as a single card or sets of 10.
In the shop here: Pine Marten Holiday Cards

I also have prints available in the shop here:
Pine Marten Art Print

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