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Salamander Paintings and Illustrations

August 14, 2015

Salamander Paintings and Illustrations

A little post on salamanders just because they are fun, I love finding them out in nature, and love drawing and painting them. Top image, a little watercolor of a Northern Red Salamander I painted.

Northern Two-lined Salamander

Salamander hunting in the woods nearby my house. I found this salamander, and several more like it, in a shallow creek under rocks. From looking through my field guides, I think it is a Northern Two-Lined Salamander.

Below, a fun little labeled chart I drew of some various North American salamanders. Its measures 8x10 inches, drawn in India ink and watercolors.

Salamanders Illustrated Chart for Kids
The illustration includes a Marbled Salamander, Tiger Salamander, Green Salamander, Northern Red Salamander, Red-spotted Newt, Red Eft, Dusky Salamander, Spotted Salamander, and a Redback Salamander.

Salamanders Childrens Art Print

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