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Under the Sea! Underwater ocean illustrations

October 23, 2016

Under the Sea! Underwater ocean illustrations

A compilation of some past underwater and ocean illustrations. These were all commissioned drawing from the past couple years.
At the top, a large humpback whale swims through an ocean filled with other sea creatures. Cownose Rays at the bottom, a spotted eagle ray, sea turtle, and lots of colorful fish! This was an 11x14" drawing. Made with India ink and watercolor, as were the following illustrations. I use India Ink because it is waterproof and holds up under all the layers of watercolor.

under the sea illustration

A whimsical under the sea illustration of a reef type habitat. With a few little octopuses, a sea turtle, crab, hermit crab, starfish, anemones, jellyfish, fan coral, and a sea horse. 8x10 inches.

Nautilus and octopus drawing

An octopus and nautilus - drawn for a cephalopod lover!

North Atlantic underwater illustration

A fun illustration of a North Atlantic ocean. A tugboat pulls a large freighter ship - and underneath the water a variety of sea animals. Blue Crab, blue mussels, starfish, urchins, a skate, a shark and pilot fish, a tuna, and mackerels. This was a more recent commission (2016) and I ended up drawing more specific fish than a lot of my previous drawings. 11x14 inches.

Sailboat Ocean drawing

A smaller 5x7" drawing with a sailboat and an underwater scene full of sea animals.

Whale and sea turtle illustration

A whale and sea turtle, 8x10 inches.

I have a lot of fun with these underwater ones. I've been getting some good inspiration lately from going to the National Aquarium with my son. Exciting to draw some new animals and ocean habitats - it's always interesting to translate a new species into a few simple lines.